This is where I get to say anything I feel like saying and you get to agree with me.
We will also share stories and chocolate if you have any.
Naps are also encouraged, if shopping is out of the question.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have a list of things that I Want To Do Here...
This is a warning, get out while you can... 

1- I want to change the color of the kitchen. It is dull. I want something brighter and lighter, maybe white.
2- I want to buy huge paintings or if all else fails, buy huge antique posters and put them on the walls. I don't care if they are "good" or "fine" ... I just want some color and life on those walls !
3- I would not mind having some more toile here and there. I mean, there is hardly any such thing as too much Toile. . . really.
4- I would love to buy a tree , one of those pruned very French little things and put it in a big pot on the balcony. It will look good from the inside but I will like it even more looking up at our apartment and seeing those very French trees on My Balcony.
5- I would like to get a driver and take a trip out into the countryside ... with the dog.
There are a few aspects to this wish that are making it pretty much impossible .. driver ... dog.
6- I need to go shopping. For everything. And Some People just can't understand that. still after all these years !!

OK.. that's it for now ... what is your list ? Go ahead, post it in your comment.. maybe you will inspire me to add more to mine .. or I might have given you some ideas too... yes?

Until then, here are some pretty pictures to look at ... if you like that sort of thing..
this is from a blog that had photos of a place called Ashington House. I can't remember which blog, dear blogger, please forgive me. Comment here and take credit if you see this.

This was taken on a  flower farm on an island in Portland Oregon. 
Perhaps I should just buy a beam and have it put in the kitchen ? 

This amazing sculpture is from the Rodin Museum, done by Camille Claudell. Marble and Alabaster, this is one of the first times I ever really really wished that I had a few million dollars to spend on a piece of art. 

This again is from a blog that I forgot the name of .. I don't keep track, I am terrible. I have this Thing about mirrors.. I have a lot but I always want more .. so these three grabbed my attention !
The largest reminds me of a mirror we saw in London at an antiques shop in Chelsea.. it was amazing and so was the price. .. thus I have photos and not the real thing.

And then there is the thought that , if I stop spending money on Things, I can spend it on a ticket to France where I can see the horses run wild and free.
Let me know how you liked the photos ~

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two , count 'em, two big deal futbol games today.
We watched most of the first one and all of the last one that ended making the people where I live , very happy. There will be much partying going on .. again ... and it isn't over yet !

It rained then it got cold and now the  stars are shining. 

I was unable to get any of the shopping and lunching done that I had planned earlier in the week so now I am just moving all those plans to this week.

So Chinatown, shopping .. kitchen wares, imported spices and foods.
                           google images
Palermo Soho for lunch and the possibility of shopping for something ... boutiques abound, the possibilities are endless.
Handbags, boots and sweaters are at the top of the list.
                              photos by fashionbubble
Puerto Madero to lunch and shop in a restaurant full of Pretty Things.
Some I need and some I Think I need which is reason enough.
                                                                        photo by cafesenbuenosaires

San Telmo .. mirrors, antique jars, blue and white Chinese or pretty blue glass. 
And lunch in a wonderful little place on a corner where all the buildings are low and old and the streets are cobblestone and the whole place is almost too atmospheric for words.
                                              photos by  altheamd

So ... busy week coming up !

Hope everyone has a good week .. stay tuned .. chau !

thank you all posters . com

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well, no meeting with the Administrator, it was someone's birthday, the party was more important ( I agree in this case) ..
 Another day, another time, they have been told to just let us know, we will be there... 
I grew tired of receiving 10 emails a day discussing when and where to meet.
I shared the old saying .. "Too many cooks spoil the soup" . . to one of the lovely ladies that lives here, she liked it and agreed it was perfect in this case.

Today was a Futbol game .. USA vs Ghana. 
We went to the park with the Pup .. came home loaded with groceries to do us through a blizzard or at least the day and watched the US lose the game. 
It was sad ... but I did feel the tiniest bit of relief that I don't have to watch the US play Argentina for the World Cup .

                                                                                                                      via AllPosters 
It started raining a while ago and we voted to stay in and listen to music and read.
We are not the sort of people who love to go out on weekends, anyway.
Because, if you think about it ... Every day is the weekend for us .
So I am trying for the second time to get interested  in  ( do not throw stones at me, I can't help it ) ...
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
My husband loved it .. loved it .. loved it ....
And I am having trouble getting past the first chapter.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
The plan for tomorrow is ... watch Argentina beat Mexico in the games.
Go for brunch somewhere and have more than one Bloody Mary.
Or just go somewhere and have a cocktails and skip the eggs .
I hope your weekend is good. 
I hope it is not raining. 
I hope you read an interesting book.
If you do , tell me about it .. I am that one in a thousand million people that is bored reading this book.

 Cheers !


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today we have a meeting of the Consorcio ... a Meeting of the owners  to discuss how to spend our money on this aging pile of leaking, creaking, squeaking old marble and granite.
A few of the people who live here , I think have been living here since birth or close to it .. it is nice to live in a building full of people who are much older than you .. 1- you feel like a kid 2- they know this place inside and out !
None of us like our new administrator so tonight's meeting will be to decide to fire her or not.
I am voting Off with her head , or at least fire her.
Nothing like having to depend on an arrogant woman who ignores you , then add insult to injury and pay her.

We need a new Porter too. I want an elegant Tango dancer type like the man who was here when we arrived.

The building won a law suit, we are getting mucho moolah and one of the plans is to change all the lighting ( I vote chandeliers) and wash the building. It is about 100 years old and can use a bath.. really.
It is white marble/granite.. they need bathing and this one skipped a couple .
This is not the building but another similar .. and cleaner.

I will now try to remember all my Español so I can follow what is going on and hope that the meeting is fast because I am baking Chocolate Bread Pudding. 
I am not hungry but I have a Sweet Tooth that is out of control. 
Eating the Nacho chips followed by the chocolate chips did nothing to help it .. some days one just needs a bit more chocolate than on others.

And I am planning on working out in the sun , yep, winter sun here is hot and bright if you are sitting on a terrace while you garden. So after todays cafe break where I got new freckles on my nose , I think tomorrows gardening will have me looking like a lady who lies in the sun. Or at least her nose lies in the sun. Winter doesn't stop some people from topping that nice golden brown leather ... err skin .

I think I need a break. I have to go shopping. I am seeing too many handbags that need a home. More later. chau.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a day !
I got up late, had breakfast with the husband and lolled around then went to the market and came home to watch lovely men run around on a field kicking a ball.
And Our lovely men won the match.
Cheering and happy noise everywhere .. I am exhausted.. 

Oh ... we bought Pup his Birthday presents and he has been content with lying on his bed and chewing a large rawhide bone into a soggy mess. 
A happier pup you will never see.

It is late, I am exhausted, tomorrow is another day ..          blowing you un beso .. 
                                                          from sweet petulia blogspot
Yes, the kitten is blowing a kiss .

Monday, June 21, 2010

OK, so I was whining a lot about the heat and mosquitoes.
 All that seems a vague memory from a very long time ago. 
It was a lovely fall and then, overnight, before you could snap your fingers and say Winter, it was here !
And now I find it is dark at 4 or 5 and I want to eat early and go to bed at 7.
And to make everything worse, I am wearing fleece pants and a long tee shirt with a fleece turtleneck top with fleece lined Merrells clogs ! and I am still cold.

I want my warm weather back. 
I take back all the nasty things I said about it.
I want to wear a light sweater or jacket, nothing heavy or itchy wooly.
I am tired of the boots already ! 
I want my light soft ballet flats or my girly shoes...
Pup wants it to be warmer too.
It is his birthday. He was a June baby/puppy. 
It was warm. He didn't shiver until he was about 5 months old ... now we are shivering in June. 
That is not right. 
We can't celebrate his birthday with a day in the park with the pups... it was celebrated with a fast walk to the park, a couple of chases with the pigeons then a dash back home before we froze.

Happy Birthday.

Of course, my husband has a birthday in December. It was always freezing ... now he gets to have a hot summer birthday.
What have we done ??

I want to wear this outfit ... tomorrow.
If you have never seen this website.. go to the

I look fine in red, the shoes will work and I love the coat .. so my hair is blonde and longer, I will still look smokin! and so will the husband in that suit.. although I have a feeling, the husband will not wear white shoes.. ever. really.

OK.. thank you for listening to me, you can tell me how you feel.
I am sure you agree, even though most of you are probably enjoying warm June weather .. unlike people who live here, at the Bottom of the World !!

un beso 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brrrrr... Baby, It's cold Outside !

The skies were bright and sunny, their usual intense blue . Standing by the French doors looking out, it seemed like a perfect day for a nice long walk, Pup time in the park .. doing nothing much but enjoying it.
So we went out.
It is Cold Outside !!! Winter is here ! 
Jeeez, how did that happen ... (hear that whine? that is me. I was sick of summer and this is what I get... winter)
So we went to the park and watched the tourists listening to their tour guide telling them all about the statue in Plaza Francia .. while I wished I had remembered the bread crumbs for the pigeons. 
Yesterday I fed several million pigeons and now they know my name. 
I walk into the park and they head my way , at attention .. you can hear the little sparrows and parrots muttering in the trees, She never feeds us ! 
Of course, they don't know that I try but the pigeons would carry away Pup if he was just a little lighter, they are hungry and it is every bird for himself.
We might have a Plan though.  
The husband will feed the pigeons and I will sneak over to the other side and see if the little ones and parrots will be able to let me feed them.
A simple walk in the park becomes a plan that has to be worked out and co-ordinated .. and then there is Pup. 
Pup loves birds. ( he is a bird dog after all ) 
So he likes to , just for the hell of it, throw himself into a gathering of pigeons whose attention is more on the stale bread than the big brown bundle of joy pouncing on them. He doesn't want a bird, he just wants them to play with him.
He has no idea that all the creatures in his world are not there to Play with him. 
I will never tell him either. He lives in a state of Dog Bliss and that is fine with me. 
So I froze my patooties off and then we came home.

My telephones are not working, my computer was out and I ran out of cell phone minutes.

The husband got the cell phone taken care of and the Internet Gods smiled down on me but we have no house phones. 
And we have been to the phone company twice and they did understand us but nothing obviously has been done.. they were making a lot of noise, now they are dead. 
I will now have to take a translator to the phone company with me.

Would it not have been easier to move to England? or ... oh, I don't know ... Paris?

I  got rid of  my cold/flu/sore throat.
My husband found it . 
Hopefully, he will not be sick as long as I was or need medication.
But if he does, I know Pharmacy Spanish. I can fix him up right !

I found my water colors and I am thrilled. I have to find all the brushes but this means I can get down to the business of painting again and hopefully, there will be a masterpiece by the end of the winter.. or July.

Until then, I will try to stay warm and plan Pup's 11th birthday ... June 21st - be there or be square!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It was a bit cold and a little windy today. So we went to Paseo Alcorte. A lovely mall. 
And at the ground floor is Carrefours. A huge Carrefours. 
Where I was able to find a new dish for the dog .. did I tell you about the broken dog bowl ?  
We also did some Imported Goodies shopping, then came home . 
We walked the dog , fed the birds ( yes, I carried stale bread with me and fed the birds.. I am practicing for when I am a very old woman in the park with my very old husband and very old dog..) and then scurried to our nice warm apartment where we all might stay until Spring. Or at least until we get used to winter cold. 
I was tired of summer but haven't acclimated myself to winter yet. 
I know some new sweaters and maybe a new coat will help. Which will mean a trip back to Paseo Alcorte. This is not punishment.  I can also buy perfume, make-up, boots and a new handbag as well as books, music and this is where we bought our monster television. 
A good mall indeed.

                                                         Urban press blogs

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I have been sick ... sore throat, sneezing, etc. Nothing terrible but nothing terribly fun either.
I now feel human again, I don't sound like I am barking anymore and I actually feel like doing something other than lying on the bed or sofa moaning.
The dog is relieved .

My husband is a treasure, he shops, he will cook, he orders in, picks things up and generally takes such good care of me and everything else that I don't know what I did to deserve him. But whatever it was, I am glad I did it !

So is the dog. We had heavy rain, flooding rains and there went my husband and the dog, out the door, dry, normal ... half an hour later, here come to dripping soaking wet husband and dog .. husband looked like a wet husband, dog looked like a large wet mop. A sad mop. 
So I got to towel dry the mop .. err, dog. Then blow dry the dog. Then brush him and of course, by then, he was all frisky and happy again and wanted to play Tug the Towel. 
Then I would laugh which made me cough which made me go to bed and made the dog worry, What was it he did ?

The sun is out again, I am not sick and the weekend is close.
I want to go to ..
The Flea Market .............A Music Concert
                                                                     a Good restaurant.

We will see what I end up doing.. it is always a surprise and often so much better than anything I planned.
How about you? Plans? Take it as it comes or everything already booked, planned, dates made ?

Monday, June 14, 2010

It is dark and rainy and gloomy here and I am looking at design blogs.. my new favorite pastime/obsession. One of my new favorites is Belgian Pearls
This is the room that has me Wishing I Were There ...

And then there is this bath from Habitually Chic

There are sooo many beautiful Design blogs coming out of Belgium .. Where my old pal Mym lives ..

And Alexandra Siebelink .... I can get lost in these rooms for hours ...

Have fun ... now back to bed for me ...

                                                                                                                          all posters. com

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hip Paris

This is one of my new favorite blogs.
These days I am all about French things, places, food and music.

But I am still trying to speak Castellano well enough to have a conversation with the new Porter.
Our home is a 100 year old building built in the French Style of the early 1900's.
The ceilings are around 15 feet high and there is molding everywhere. All the doors and windows are ... French! but of course!
The balconies are black wrought iron and of course, I have ivy and red flowers growing out there!

So on a rainy day like today, while recuperating from a serious case of bronchitis .. serious is when you bark instead of speak ... I am studying the French design blogs and browsing pretty blogs that have photos that transport me to a warmer , beautiful place where everyone speaks French and I will again be the one trying to learn the language. 
Shouldn't I fall in love with an English speaking country? Wouldn't it be easier ??
Well, I , of course , love England and would live there in a flash .. but for today, I am all about Paris.

Une petite folie

And then there is Little Emma English Home ... oozing with charm.. and the photos ! I can lose myself for hours in these photos ..

I have a few photos of my own from our last stay in Paris.
We rented a flat in the 7th and I still see no reason why I had to come home and why I am not living there still ... I hope you enjoy them ..
The apartment

The view from the apartment

The bedroom which had the same view

The neighborhood
Who can blame me for wishing I were there?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Alexander, the film about a little French dog ... I must train Pup to be so helpful... although he does provide warmth at nap time and provides copious amounts of love. But he never speaks French to me :(

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am still barking...err... sick and will try to be back by Saturday.
If you don't hear from me, send chocolate... that might work!

                    Thank you ..AllPosters 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I could use a nurse right now. Someone to soothe my fevered brow.. to bring me tea .. Pup has a hard time carrying teacups.. something about fingers vs paws. Personally, I think he is just being lazy, I saw him balance a stuffed toy on his head.. a tea cup can't be much more difficult.

Doctors make house calls here as a matter of course. I just don't think I want to let one in yet. You let a doctor make a house call then the next thing you know they are carrying you down an elevator that only fits 3 people in a stretcher that must be standing on end, otherwise, how do they do that ?? and then out into the cold ... where People can See You !!! ... and into an ambulance that is driven by someone even more insane than the typical BA driver ... to the hospital where it is shiny and clean and everyone Speaks Spanish !!
How would I know if they were asking me if I wanted a Kleenex or that they were asking me if I want to keep that Lung ?
No, thank you very much, I will just stay here, in my room, sniffling and coughing and being pitiful.
You may call me Camille ...

Thank you AllPosters. com 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, today my throat is worse . 
I thought I could go out and run some errands but  while I tried to be brave, I got too cold and the wind made my throat hurt more so we came home after an errand and a dog walk.
I did manage , again, to find a new ( to me) medicine in the pharmacy. 
I love "foreign" pharmacies.. the things that are sold over the counter compared to the US are always fun to discover , the new weird things that make you worry for a moment, Should I really put this in my mouth? and then the happy glow you feel when they work.
I found these lozenges. They sell something called Strepcils... they are very strong and while they soothe the throat, I can't really get past the taste.. so I found something that the pharmacist said was equal.. the same.. try it, you will like it.
So I did.. and I do. 
They are red but don't taste like cherry, more like banana ... unless they play games with your taste buds.
But they immediately dull the pain in your throat to the point where you are fooled and think you have been Cured !! for a little while anyway.

So while I am sucking on these things.. I managed to sand the shiny gold frame to a vintage botanical print we have .. I am re-framing the print and buying a piece of mirror for the frame.
I am a firm believer in You can never have too many mirrors.

So that is the story.. 
I sound bad, I don't feel too bad but I would not say no to Chinese chicken and mushroom soup and a blanket on the sofa. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

I have a sore throat.
It put a definite crimp in my days activities.
I managed to get to the park, the supermarket and to make dinner.

Dinner was supposed to be Arroz con Pollo , I found a new recipe that looked easy.
I thought there was an awful lot of broth for the amount of rice etc but I obeyed instructions.
At the end .. I realized that I had a recipe for Chicken Rice Soup.
It was delicious. 
I still have no idea where my Arroz con Pollo recipe is but I have an excellent chicken, mushrooms and rice soup recipe if anyone wants me to share.
It did feel good to the sore throat though.

Why is it that Pup sleeps on the sofa for a long time without moving, but when I want him to sleep next to me to keep me warm, he can't stay for more than 10 minutes? 
He gets all the room, I am squeezed in and make plenty of room for him ? Why ? why ? whimper....

Tomorrow I hope to feel good enough to go to Chinatown. I think a bowl of their soup will cure me.
I also want to look in the shops that sell Everything you Ever wanted for a Kitchen. Whisks etc .. I need more wooden spoons and whisks and a plastic spaghetti strainer.. You do know wire strainers are totally impossible to clean if you don't have a dishwasher, don't you?
Well, you heard it here .. impossible. Throw it out. Buy a plastic one. Or get a dishwasher.
I tried that trick but it didn't work. Good luck if you try it. .. let me know if it worked.

I might have to stay in bed and just drink tea and read murder mysteries. That  has an appeal to it, right now anyway.
Send your recipes for sore throat cures. I will try them and let you know which one works. 
Thank you. 

I like to think that I look like this when lolling on the bed feeling frail and ill....

But somehow I guess that I really look like this .. colorless, wan, the doctor is either trying to figure out what is wrong or wondering how much he should charge for the House Call.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Speaking of walking... weren't we ? I thought we were, I am sure we were ! 
Well, anyway, speaking of walking, we did a lot of it again today.
With the poor dog. Who gets all excited and can't wait to get out the door and an hour or so later is looking at us like we are dragging him to the vet or something... my God, have I got more walking stamina than a dog ?? 

I must start practicing the time-honored tradition of Wives Who Loll Around.
I grew up in the Southern US ... I learned to Loll with the best of them ! 
I lived in Hollywood, no one lolls like a Hollywood blonde. Yep, I am blonde and I can loll ... and now I live in South America .. Lolling is my middle name. 
Or it would be if it wouldn't sound so utterly ridiculous with my First name.
But Friends will know me .. "ahhh, yes, she is some Loller , that girl .. she lolled me right under the table once. "

So for now, the dog is half unconscious on the floor nearby .. The Husband is on the sofa... you might say he is lolling too but that might be a bit un-guy-like .. Let's just say that he is "relaxing" on the sofa with the laptop .. yeah, that Laptop. 
Today it is not making him quite so crazy but the night is young.

So we walked around today- actually not around.. we went to the Park with the Pup, then down through the rest of the parks, with the subliminal ( I am sure ) destination being the nice cafe on the corner that makes Excellent Bloody Mary's and some Mighty Fine fried calamari.
A nice lunch like that , a long long long walk and here we are , full of fresh air and feet that are just a little bit flatter than your average pancake .

But we enjoy the fresh air and happily, we are able to walk.
One must remember these things... at least we can walk.

Now to think about Dinner.
Someone will walk To our house and Bring the dinner to us.

After all that Walking, surely I am not expected to cook?

Here we are , lolling some more....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My day:
Get up, be lazy, take my time getting   dressed, be sure to drink at least 4 cups of coffee.

The Husband's laptop died.
Yesterday we took it to the Emergency room  . 
They said it would be sometime next week before they did anything , no visiting hours, come when we call. 
So we obeyed, went home and shared my computer.
It wasn't so bad .. I like my husband, he can share my computer any time .. wink wink ..

So this morning, bright and early, The Husband gets an email from Apple.
Dear Señor, come get your bleedin' computer, we fixed it ... or words to that effect.

I decided to take the doggie with us, he'd might as well enjoy a walk instead of sitting inside on a beautiful day.

OOPS! I forgot for a minute that we don't live in Portland anymore, where dogs are welcome Everywhere... 
Pup and I had to stand outside on the sidewalk  .. waiting for the heroes of the day to bring The Husband the now Alive and Well Mac Book. 

They gave it to him, told him that it was the Hard Drive.. so there was no charge. 
#1 reason to buy Apple products. ( you do not want to know what things cost here, simple things.. like a Sanyo  Television .. so fixing an imported product is mucho costly) ..  we were happy.

We carried the beloved laptop back home, did some errands then took Pup back out for a nice long walk again. We walk a lot here, even when we don't have to ... there might be something wrong with us.

Pup enjoyed it but after a while, even he said   can we go home now, I am bushed !
But of course, we had to make a couple of stops, the sidewalk was being torn up and we ended up walking even farther.

Now we are home, the Husband decides to get his iChat set up and none of the passwords are working. 

So a few more hours are devoted to the computer .. which I now hate and have been plotting ways to kill.
Better than killing, it is an Apple product, they are probably murder proof... I will have it kidnapped.
They still do those here, I will ask some shady character on the street to come to my house while we are out, I will leave the window in the back by the drain pipe open and he can shimmy up the pipe, come in the window and steal the laptop.

Leave a note saying that there will be a ransom demand tonight.. but just don't bother.

Cuz we are not paying a ransom .. for the dog - yes, for the computer .. no.

Sometimes I wonder if we are not all mad here .. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

I woke up really early then fell back to sleep this morning.
I had a dream .. I won money .. which made me think today, What If I had a million dollars...

I would do something about those poor creatures covered in oil in the Gulf.
I would get a private plane so Pup can fly with us in the cabin.
Then I would fly to London, Paris, New York and Barcelona and Florence.. then take the kids to Japan ..
I would go shopping for underwear and shoes ... they don't have half sizes in shoes here.
The underwear falls apart after the second wearing and the styles often look like they belong in a Boutique for Strippers. A little lace, a fluff of black fuzz. .. is that a feather ? on a pair of bikini underpants?? Good Grief .. My husband likes pretty undies but that would have him falling down laughing until tears fall.
I would consider buying a couple of horses and a house in the country.
I would hire people to take care of things.. my very own gauchos.
OK.. that is a good start .. now tell me .. what would you do with a million dollars ?
( aside from charities which is a given..)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I know I know, I have been lazy and have not posted. What kind of blogger am I anyway ??
A slothful blogger, who likes to sleep late, walk with the dog for long stretches of time in beautiful parks where I can pretend I am not in the middle of a huge city, jam packed with a gazillion people who all seem to have cars that they like to drive too fast and honk the entire time.
So there are days that I just like to stay still and quiet and pretend I am in the woods or at the beach and no one else is around .... not counting The Husband and the Pup.  We are together, wherever we go ~

So I will be back and post something vaguely interesting , hopefully.
Or I will tell you a good story that involves only living people and no scary parts.. and maybe even a photo or two.

Be patient.. you know what they say .. about Good Things? coming to those who wait .......

and remember to watch out for clowns... 
Just sitting there in a shop window, waiting to scare the bejeezus out of a little kid or a grown up or a dog..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Say Cheese !
Fashion,ala Buenos Aires ..

They love Fashion here. They love photography and music and art.
So  a World of Fashion blogs is  only natural ..

Enjoy .. 
City Runway 

On the Corner Streetstyle

Someone took a photo of me at the artisans market in Palermo last spring but I never got the name ... I must have been having a really Good Day ..

Street Peeper 

The girls here are pretty ..

                                 photo via jcreport. com