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Monday, June 7, 2010

I have a sore throat.
It put a definite crimp in my days activities.
I managed to get to the park, the supermarket and to make dinner.

Dinner was supposed to be Arroz con Pollo , I found a new recipe that looked easy.
I thought there was an awful lot of broth for the amount of rice etc but I obeyed instructions.
At the end .. I realized that I had a recipe for Chicken Rice Soup.
It was delicious. 
I still have no idea where my Arroz con Pollo recipe is but I have an excellent chicken, mushrooms and rice soup recipe if anyone wants me to share.
It did feel good to the sore throat though.

Why is it that Pup sleeps on the sofa for a long time without moving, but when I want him to sleep next to me to keep me warm, he can't stay for more than 10 minutes? 
He gets all the room, I am squeezed in and make plenty of room for him ? Why ? why ? whimper....

Tomorrow I hope to feel good enough to go to Chinatown. I think a bowl of their soup will cure me.
I also want to look in the shops that sell Everything you Ever wanted for a Kitchen. Whisks etc .. I need more wooden spoons and whisks and a plastic spaghetti strainer.. You do know wire strainers are totally impossible to clean if you don't have a dishwasher, don't you?
Well, you heard it here .. impossible. Throw it out. Buy a plastic one. Or get a dishwasher.
I tried that trick but it didn't work. Good luck if you try it. .. let me know if it worked.

I might have to stay in bed and just drink tea and read murder mysteries. That  has an appeal to it, right now anyway.
Send your recipes for sore throat cures. I will try them and let you know which one works. 
Thank you. 

I like to think that I look like this when lolling on the bed feeling frail and ill....

But somehow I guess that I really look like this .. colorless, wan, the doctor is either trying to figure out what is wrong or wondering how much he should charge for the House Call.