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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Good Boy

Boy do I miss him. Weird that I miss him so many years later but I think having lost a few important people in my life, he was the first loss ... we were still in Argentina, he was older but not old .. he was healthy and then suddenly he wasn't .. He wasn't very ill for long .. He died at home with us holding him and whispering love words to him .. I still can't imagine having another dog .. will I compare them all the time or will a new dog fill the empty spot that Tate left.
The cats don't want to hear about it. They have all given me paws down on that, even though we didn't even have a vote yet !
My daughter just got a new baby.  An infant ... Shitzu. I don't think there are many dogs in the world that are that cute when puppies. And comical.
She has given me the idea that when the time and place is right, a new member might join my family .. the cats just have to adjust . When we got Tate, we had an Abyssinian cat named Sebastian..that cat was gorgeous and unlike the cats I have had ... and I have had cats all my life.
My grandmother bred Siamese cats We hated each other, those cats and I.
My cats , growing up, were always long haired and My cats .. sleeping with me, running to me .. mine.
Now I have 3 cats. I adopted 2 and inherited one.
They are all my babies now .. I am officially the Cat Lady.
But I sure wish that boy was still around .. he would have made so many things easier for me .. being alone for the first time in my life .. He was such a good boy.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Cat For Hire

My Glamorous Life 
I tend to cats. I have 3 of my own ..and now there is a sweet young thing that comes to my door each night hoping for a bite to eat and possibly a cuddle . The human that is supposed to be caring for this little cat has his head up his *** so it has been made clear that when my cats leave food in their dishes, it will not be thrown out but given to a little cat who will appreciate it.
I think on my small list of Things I Hate ... People like the man that owns this little cat, is at the top.
A sweet little grey cat with a couple of terrible scars on her legs, wandering around loose in a condo community with a forest ( complete with scary wild things) in back and 3 alligators in the pond.
And this knucklehead lets his cat out every night ..

My Cats
 Minette is the same, my beautiful sleek blue beauty. A real Mamas girl...which is fine with me.
Old Merlin, my magical old cat.. he moves slowly, he naps often .. but he is a cat .. and I adore him.
Honey, my inheritance .. huge, sweet, funny .. I hit the cat jackpot when I acquired her and the rest of my Cat Family..

I will need another inheritance to keep feeding them ! I might have to put them to work.
What kind of job (besides mousers)  does a cat do ?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bringing things up to date

I have not blogged here in a while and Blogger doesn't know what to do with itself.

I am living in Florida, in a beautiful townhouse in a private gated place where there are woods full of creatures  and a State Park on one side ... that is my view . Lucky me.

I am homesick for New York every day . Poor me.

The cats are perfect ... they are sweet, loving , funny and can be annoying but overall, I am very happy that I have them.

I want to make plans for my future.
It is difficult in a lot of ways .. I can dream off all kinds of things but putting things into motion is the hard part.

so here we are in Florida for now ... hola ..

                                                  Minette has no complaints about anything.

Honey is happy too.
Just give Merlin a pillow and he is content. 
Pink means nothing to Merlin..

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What A Good Boy

There he is ... my Good Boy.
It has been a long time now, I still miss him.
There are days that I wish he was here because I get nervous being alone and there are days I miss him because he was always fun .. if a dog can be a clown, Tate was often a clown. He would wag his tail and grin like a fool when he made me laugh .. He knew exactly what he was doing.

This photo is from the short time when we lived in Florida .. a number of years ago.
Before we visited Portland, Oregon and fell in love with that city and moved there ... where Tate became a City dog ...Oh the stories that Pup could tell.