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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have a list of things that I Want To Do Here...
This is a warning, get out while you can... 

1- I want to change the color of the kitchen. It is dull. I want something brighter and lighter, maybe white.
2- I want to buy huge paintings or if all else fails, buy huge antique posters and put them on the walls. I don't care if they are "good" or "fine" ... I just want some color and life on those walls !
3- I would not mind having some more toile here and there. I mean, there is hardly any such thing as too much Toile. . . really.
4- I would love to buy a tree , one of those pruned very French little things and put it in a big pot on the balcony. It will look good from the inside but I will like it even more looking up at our apartment and seeing those very French trees on My Balcony.
5- I would like to get a driver and take a trip out into the countryside ... with the dog.
There are a few aspects to this wish that are making it pretty much impossible .. driver ... dog.
6- I need to go shopping. For everything. And Some People just can't understand that. still after all these years !!

OK.. that's it for now ... what is your list ? Go ahead, post it in your comment.. maybe you will inspire me to add more to mine .. or I might have given you some ideas too... yes?

Until then, here are some pretty pictures to look at ... if you like that sort of thing..
this is from a blog that had photos of a place called Ashington House. I can't remember which blog, dear blogger, please forgive me. Comment here and take credit if you see this.

This was taken on a  flower farm on an island in Portland Oregon. 
Perhaps I should just buy a beam and have it put in the kitchen ? 

This amazing sculpture is from the Rodin Museum, done by Camille Claudell. Marble and Alabaster, this is one of the first times I ever really really wished that I had a few million dollars to spend on a piece of art. 

This again is from a blog that I forgot the name of .. I don't keep track, I am terrible. I have this Thing about mirrors.. I have a lot but I always want more .. so these three grabbed my attention !
The largest reminds me of a mirror we saw in London at an antiques shop in Chelsea.. it was amazing and so was the price. .. thus I have photos and not the real thing.

And then there is the thought that , if I stop spending money on Things, I can spend it on a ticket to France where I can see the horses run wild and free.
Let me know how you liked the photos ~