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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hip Paris

This is one of my new favorite blogs.
These days I am all about French things, places, food and music.

But I am still trying to speak Castellano well enough to have a conversation with the new Porter.
Our home is a 100 year old building built in the French Style of the early 1900's.
The ceilings are around 15 feet high and there is molding everywhere. All the doors and windows are ... French! but of course!
The balconies are black wrought iron and of course, I have ivy and red flowers growing out there!

So on a rainy day like today, while recuperating from a serious case of bronchitis .. serious is when you bark instead of speak ... I am studying the French design blogs and browsing pretty blogs that have photos that transport me to a warmer , beautiful place where everyone speaks French and I will again be the one trying to learn the language. 
Shouldn't I fall in love with an English speaking country? Wouldn't it be easier ??
Well, I , of course , love England and would live there in a flash .. but for today, I am all about Paris.

Une petite folie

And then there is Little Emma English Home ... oozing with charm.. and the photos ! I can lose myself for hours in these photos ..

I have a few photos of my own from our last stay in Paris.
We rented a flat in the 7th and I still see no reason why I had to come home and why I am not living there still ... I hope you enjoy them ..
The apartment

The view from the apartment

The bedroom which had the same view

The neighborhood
Who can blame me for wishing I were there?