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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Monday, June 14, 2010

It is dark and rainy and gloomy here and I am looking at design blogs.. my new favorite pastime/obsession. One of my new favorites is Belgian Pearls
This is the room that has me Wishing I Were There ...

And then there is this bath from Habitually Chic

There are sooo many beautiful Design blogs coming out of Belgium .. Where my old pal Mym lives ..

And Alexandra Siebelink .... I can get lost in these rooms for hours ...

Have fun ... now back to bed for me ...

                                                                                                                          all posters. com


Anonymous said...

Wow, loved the first one. On the other hand, the cat is just strange.

Nap Warden said...

That first room is a WOWSER!

a Broad said...

That cat is probably your typical mild mannered cat, until you try to make him / her get out of bed..

24 Corners said...

The one bonus of being sick is that it allows for massive amounts of blog perusing time!
I'm so happy that mine was one that you perused...thank you for your very nice comment about Duke and for following, your my first Buenos Aires follower!

Feel better soon,
xo Jessica