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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brrrrr... Baby, It's cold Outside !

The skies were bright and sunny, their usual intense blue . Standing by the French doors looking out, it seemed like a perfect day for a nice long walk, Pup time in the park .. doing nothing much but enjoying it.
So we went out.
It is Cold Outside !!! Winter is here ! 
Jeeez, how did that happen ... (hear that whine? that is me. I was sick of summer and this is what I get... winter)
So we went to the park and watched the tourists listening to their tour guide telling them all about the statue in Plaza Francia .. while I wished I had remembered the bread crumbs for the pigeons. 
Yesterday I fed several million pigeons and now they know my name. 
I walk into the park and they head my way , at attention .. you can hear the little sparrows and parrots muttering in the trees, She never feeds us ! 
Of course, they don't know that I try but the pigeons would carry away Pup if he was just a little lighter, they are hungry and it is every bird for himself.
We might have a Plan though.  
The husband will feed the pigeons and I will sneak over to the other side and see if the little ones and parrots will be able to let me feed them.
A simple walk in the park becomes a plan that has to be worked out and co-ordinated .. and then there is Pup. 
Pup loves birds. ( he is a bird dog after all ) 
So he likes to , just for the hell of it, throw himself into a gathering of pigeons whose attention is more on the stale bread than the big brown bundle of joy pouncing on them. He doesn't want a bird, he just wants them to play with him.
He has no idea that all the creatures in his world are not there to Play with him. 
I will never tell him either. He lives in a state of Dog Bliss and that is fine with me. 
So I froze my patooties off and then we came home.

My telephones are not working, my computer was out and I ran out of cell phone minutes.

The husband got the cell phone taken care of and the Internet Gods smiled down on me but we have no house phones. 
And we have been to the phone company twice and they did understand us but nothing obviously has been done.. they were making a lot of noise, now they are dead. 
I will now have to take a translator to the phone company with me.

Would it not have been easier to move to England? or ... oh, I don't know ... Paris?

I  got rid of  my cold/flu/sore throat.
My husband found it . 
Hopefully, he will not be sick as long as I was or need medication.
But if he does, I know Pharmacy Spanish. I can fix him up right !

I found my water colors and I am thrilled. I have to find all the brushes but this means I can get down to the business of painting again and hopefully, there will be a masterpiece by the end of the winter.. or July.

Until then, I will try to stay warm and plan Pup's 11th birthday ... June 21st - be there or be square!