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Thursday, June 17, 2010

It was a bit cold and a little windy today. So we went to Paseo Alcorte. A lovely mall. 
And at the ground floor is Carrefours. A huge Carrefours. 
Where I was able to find a new dish for the dog .. did I tell you about the broken dog bowl ?  
We also did some Imported Goodies shopping, then came home . 
We walked the dog , fed the birds ( yes, I carried stale bread with me and fed the birds.. I am practicing for when I am a very old woman in the park with my very old husband and very old dog..) and then scurried to our nice warm apartment where we all might stay until Spring. Or at least until we get used to winter cold. 
I was tired of summer but haven't acclimated myself to winter yet. 
I know some new sweaters and maybe a new coat will help. Which will mean a trip back to Paseo Alcorte. This is not punishment.  I can also buy perfume, make-up, boots and a new handbag as well as books, music and this is where we bought our monster television. 
A good mall indeed.

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