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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I could use a nurse right now. Someone to soothe my fevered brow.. to bring me tea .. Pup has a hard time carrying teacups.. something about fingers vs paws. Personally, I think he is just being lazy, I saw him balance a stuffed toy on his head.. a tea cup can't be much more difficult.

Doctors make house calls here as a matter of course. I just don't think I want to let one in yet. You let a doctor make a house call then the next thing you know they are carrying you down an elevator that only fits 3 people in a stretcher that must be standing on end, otherwise, how do they do that ?? and then out into the cold ... where People can See You !!! ... and into an ambulance that is driven by someone even more insane than the typical BA driver ... to the hospital where it is shiny and clean and everyone Speaks Spanish !!
How would I know if they were asking me if I wanted a Kleenex or that they were asking me if I want to keep that Lung ?
No, thank you very much, I will just stay here, in my room, sniffling and coughing and being pitiful.
You may call me Camille ...

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Anonymous said...

How can you feel so crummy and still be so funny? I would be hunkered down under the blankets pleading with Senor Poodle to do the cooking. Get well!!!!!

Tricia Patricco said...

Aw...I doubt a trip via ambulance to the hospital would be necessary. Rest, relax and feel better! Hugs! Trish

a Broad said...

I feel like Typhoid Mary now.
The dog didn't even want to stay on the bed with me .. all that sneezing and moaning...

Thank you ... Trish... you never know about Things .. down here... they might come and take me away .. little men in white coats and all that ...