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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Friday, June 11, 2010

Alexander, the film about a little French dog ... I must train Pup to be so helpful... although he does provide warmth at nap time and provides copious amounts of love. But he never speaks French to me :(


Kathleen said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been under the weather. So has my pal, Diane. I spoke w/her today, and her voice is so bad, she sounds like me! Anyway, she has no pets, so you definitely have it better. And you have late autumn as a reason. And of course Pup doesn't speak French to you, he's a Standard Poodle, not a French Poodle!

Anonymous said...

OH Lord, you made me laugh out loud! SOOOOO funny.

ps, I am pretty sure he is a Standard French poodle, he's just holding out on you.

Anonymous said...

Unquestionably my favorite film of all time! How I wish I could watch it all the way through. Tell me how???????

Wishful in Pinnacle

a Broad said... has Alexander Le Bienheureux for sale, I am not sure if they are available in the US or subtitled... but they can be purchased.
It would take some research and perhaps a bit of begging.( just don't bark...)
I would love to have it here, Pup could watch it and learn some New Tricks .. but I am not sure if Pup speaks French. He never tells me anything !