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Monday, June 21, 2010

OK, so I was whining a lot about the heat and mosquitoes.
 All that seems a vague memory from a very long time ago. 
It was a lovely fall and then, overnight, before you could snap your fingers and say Winter, it was here !
And now I find it is dark at 4 or 5 and I want to eat early and go to bed at 7.
And to make everything worse, I am wearing fleece pants and a long tee shirt with a fleece turtleneck top with fleece lined Merrells clogs ! and I am still cold.

I want my warm weather back. 
I take back all the nasty things I said about it.
I want to wear a light sweater or jacket, nothing heavy or itchy wooly.
I am tired of the boots already ! 
I want my light soft ballet flats or my girly shoes...
Pup wants it to be warmer too.
It is his birthday. He was a June baby/puppy. 
It was warm. He didn't shiver until he was about 5 months old ... now we are shivering in June. 
That is not right. 
We can't celebrate his birthday with a day in the park with the pups... it was celebrated with a fast walk to the park, a couple of chases with the pigeons then a dash back home before we froze.

Happy Birthday.

Of course, my husband has a birthday in December. It was always freezing ... now he gets to have a hot summer birthday.
What have we done ??

I want to wear this outfit ... tomorrow.
If you have never seen this website.. go to the

I look fine in red, the shoes will work and I love the coat .. so my hair is blonde and longer, I will still look smokin! and so will the husband in that suit.. although I have a feeling, the husband will not wear white shoes.. ever. really.

OK.. thank you for listening to me, you can tell me how you feel.
I am sure you agree, even though most of you are probably enjoying warm June weather .. unlike people who live here, at the Bottom of the World !!

un beso