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Friday, June 4, 2010

I woke up really early then fell back to sleep this morning.
I had a dream .. I won money .. which made me think today, What If I had a million dollars...

I would do something about those poor creatures covered in oil in the Gulf.
I would get a private plane so Pup can fly with us in the cabin.
Then I would fly to London, Paris, New York and Barcelona and Florence.. then take the kids to Japan ..
I would go shopping for underwear and shoes ... they don't have half sizes in shoes here.
The underwear falls apart after the second wearing and the styles often look like they belong in a Boutique for Strippers. A little lace, a fluff of black fuzz. .. is that a feather ? on a pair of bikini underpants?? Good Grief .. My husband likes pretty undies but that would have him falling down laughing until tears fall.
I would consider buying a couple of horses and a house in the country.
I would hire people to take care of things.. my very own gauchos.
OK.. that is a good start .. now tell me .. what would you do with a million dollars ?
( aside from charities which is a given..)