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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, today my throat is worse . 
I thought I could go out and run some errands but  while I tried to be brave, I got too cold and the wind made my throat hurt more so we came home after an errand and a dog walk.
I did manage , again, to find a new ( to me) medicine in the pharmacy. 
I love "foreign" pharmacies.. the things that are sold over the counter compared to the US are always fun to discover , the new weird things that make you worry for a moment, Should I really put this in my mouth? and then the happy glow you feel when they work.
I found these lozenges. They sell something called Strepcils... they are very strong and while they soothe the throat, I can't really get past the taste.. so I found something that the pharmacist said was equal.. the same.. try it, you will like it.
So I did.. and I do. 
They are red but don't taste like cherry, more like banana ... unless they play games with your taste buds.
But they immediately dull the pain in your throat to the point where you are fooled and think you have been Cured !! for a little while anyway.

So while I am sucking on these things.. I managed to sand the shiny gold frame to a vintage botanical print we have .. I am re-framing the print and buying a piece of mirror for the frame.
I am a firm believer in You can never have too many mirrors.

So that is the story.. 
I sound bad, I don't feel too bad but I would not say no to Chinese chicken and mushroom soup and a blanket on the sofa.