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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Speaking of walking... weren't we ? I thought we were, I am sure we were ! 
Well, anyway, speaking of walking, we did a lot of it again today.
With the poor dog. Who gets all excited and can't wait to get out the door and an hour or so later is looking at us like we are dragging him to the vet or something... my God, have I got more walking stamina than a dog ?? 

I must start practicing the time-honored tradition of Wives Who Loll Around.
I grew up in the Southern US ... I learned to Loll with the best of them ! 
I lived in Hollywood, no one lolls like a Hollywood blonde. Yep, I am blonde and I can loll ... and now I live in South America .. Lolling is my middle name. 
Or it would be if it wouldn't sound so utterly ridiculous with my First name.
But Friends will know me .. "ahhh, yes, she is some Loller , that girl .. she lolled me right under the table once. "

So for now, the dog is half unconscious on the floor nearby .. The Husband is on the sofa... you might say he is lolling too but that might be a bit un-guy-like .. Let's just say that he is "relaxing" on the sofa with the laptop .. yeah, that Laptop. 
Today it is not making him quite so crazy but the night is young.

So we walked around today- actually not around.. we went to the Park with the Pup, then down through the rest of the parks, with the subliminal ( I am sure ) destination being the nice cafe on the corner that makes Excellent Bloody Mary's and some Mighty Fine fried calamari.
A nice lunch like that , a long long long walk and here we are , full of fresh air and feet that are just a little bit flatter than your average pancake .

But we enjoy the fresh air and happily, we are able to walk.
One must remember these things... at least we can walk.

Now to think about Dinner.
Someone will walk To our house and Bring the dinner to us.

After all that Walking, surely I am not expected to cook?

Here we are , lolling some more....