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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I have been sick ... sore throat, sneezing, etc. Nothing terrible but nothing terribly fun either.
I now feel human again, I don't sound like I am barking anymore and I actually feel like doing something other than lying on the bed or sofa moaning.
The dog is relieved .

My husband is a treasure, he shops, he will cook, he orders in, picks things up and generally takes such good care of me and everything else that I don't know what I did to deserve him. But whatever it was, I am glad I did it !

So is the dog. We had heavy rain, flooding rains and there went my husband and the dog, out the door, dry, normal ... half an hour later, here come to dripping soaking wet husband and dog .. husband looked like a wet husband, dog looked like a large wet mop. A sad mop. 
So I got to towel dry the mop .. err, dog. Then blow dry the dog. Then brush him and of course, by then, he was all frisky and happy again and wanted to play Tug the Towel. 
Then I would laugh which made me cough which made me go to bed and made the dog worry, What was it he did ?

The sun is out again, I am not sick and the weekend is close.
I want to go to ..
The Flea Market .............A Music Concert
                                                                     a Good restaurant.

We will see what I end up doing.. it is always a surprise and often so much better than anything I planned.
How about you? Plans? Take it as it comes or everything already booked, planned, dates made ?