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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My day:
Get up, be lazy, take my time getting   dressed, be sure to drink at least 4 cups of coffee.

The Husband's laptop died.
Yesterday we took it to the Emergency room  . 
They said it would be sometime next week before they did anything , no visiting hours, come when we call. 
So we obeyed, went home and shared my computer.
It wasn't so bad .. I like my husband, he can share my computer any time .. wink wink ..

So this morning, bright and early, The Husband gets an email from Apple.
Dear Señor, come get your bleedin' computer, we fixed it ... or words to that effect.

I decided to take the doggie with us, he'd might as well enjoy a walk instead of sitting inside on a beautiful day.

OOPS! I forgot for a minute that we don't live in Portland anymore, where dogs are welcome Everywhere... 
Pup and I had to stand outside on the sidewalk  .. waiting for the heroes of the day to bring The Husband the now Alive and Well Mac Book. 

They gave it to him, told him that it was the Hard Drive.. so there was no charge. 
#1 reason to buy Apple products. ( you do not want to know what things cost here, simple things.. like a Sanyo  Television .. so fixing an imported product is mucho costly) ..  we were happy.

We carried the beloved laptop back home, did some errands then took Pup back out for a nice long walk again. We walk a lot here, even when we don't have to ... there might be something wrong with us.

Pup enjoyed it but after a while, even he said   can we go home now, I am bushed !
But of course, we had to make a couple of stops, the sidewalk was being torn up and we ended up walking even farther.

Now we are home, the Husband decides to get his iChat set up and none of the passwords are working. 

So a few more hours are devoted to the computer .. which I now hate and have been plotting ways to kill.
Better than killing, it is an Apple product, they are probably murder proof... I will have it kidnapped.
They still do those here, I will ask some shady character on the street to come to my house while we are out, I will leave the window in the back by the drain pipe open and he can shimmy up the pipe, come in the window and steal the laptop.

Leave a note saying that there will be a ransom demand tonight.. but just don't bother.

Cuz we are not paying a ransom .. for the dog - yes, for the computer .. no.

Sometimes I wonder if we are not all mad here ..