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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today we have a meeting of the Consorcio ... a Meeting of the owners  to discuss how to spend our money on this aging pile of leaking, creaking, squeaking old marble and granite.
A few of the people who live here , I think have been living here since birth or close to it .. it is nice to live in a building full of people who are much older than you .. 1- you feel like a kid 2- they know this place inside and out !
None of us like our new administrator so tonight's meeting will be to decide to fire her or not.
I am voting Off with her head , or at least fire her.
Nothing like having to depend on an arrogant woman who ignores you , then add insult to injury and pay her.

We need a new Porter too. I want an elegant Tango dancer type like the man who was here when we arrived.

The building won a law suit, we are getting mucho moolah and one of the plans is to change all the lighting ( I vote chandeliers) and wash the building. It is about 100 years old and can use a bath.. really.
It is white marble/granite.. they need bathing and this one skipped a couple .
This is not the building but another similar .. and cleaner.

I will now try to remember all my Español so I can follow what is going on and hope that the meeting is fast because I am baking Chocolate Bread Pudding. 
I am not hungry but I have a Sweet Tooth that is out of control. 
Eating the Nacho chips followed by the chocolate chips did nothing to help it .. some days one just needs a bit more chocolate than on others.

And I am planning on working out in the sun , yep, winter sun here is hot and bright if you are sitting on a terrace while you garden. So after todays cafe break where I got new freckles on my nose , I think tomorrows gardening will have me looking like a lady who lies in the sun. Or at least her nose lies in the sun. Winter doesn't stop some people from topping that nice golden brown leather ... err skin .

I think I need a break. I have to go shopping. I am seeing too many handbags that need a home. More later. chau.