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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two , count 'em, two big deal futbol games today.
We watched most of the first one and all of the last one that ended making the people where I live , very happy. There will be much partying going on .. again ... and it isn't over yet !

It rained then it got cold and now the  stars are shining. 

I was unable to get any of the shopping and lunching done that I had planned earlier in the week so now I am just moving all those plans to this week.

So Chinatown, shopping .. kitchen wares, imported spices and foods.
                           google images
Palermo Soho for lunch and the possibility of shopping for something ... boutiques abound, the possibilities are endless.
Handbags, boots and sweaters are at the top of the list.
                              photos by fashionbubble
Puerto Madero to lunch and shop in a restaurant full of Pretty Things.
Some I need and some I Think I need which is reason enough.
                                                                        photo by cafesenbuenosaires

San Telmo .. mirrors, antique jars, blue and white Chinese or pretty blue glass. 
And lunch in a wonderful little place on a corner where all the buildings are low and old and the streets are cobblestone and the whole place is almost too atmospheric for words.
                                              photos by  altheamd

So ... busy week coming up !

Hope everyone has a good week .. stay tuned .. chau !

thank you all posters . com