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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Never to forget

Time marches forward, stopping for no one
Every second that passes echoes the splinters in our hearts
We put on a brave face and play this game called life

Yet no matter how much we try we do not win
Our pain and loss forever scarred upon our souls
Every moment of joy is made bittersweet by your absences

We struggle through the remainder of life
Holding onto our memories that are all we have
Determined never to forget our loved ones.

Time by DeAnnrea Carter

Friday, February 25, 2011

How To Have A Lovely Day

This is so lovely I had to share it.
Found in the amazingly beautiful blog, Castles Crowns and Cottages.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A House with a Tree or a Tree with a House

I have to find a house with a yard that looks like this. I have no idea who will do the mowing of the lawn but I love the trees.
The next big question would be where do you find a house like this?
First I have to figure out which Hemisphere I want to live in !!
Small issues like this keep me where I am and enjoying places like that .. the park near our house.
Where Pup is content to lie in the dirt if I let him ( which I don't ) or in the soft green grass .. that's a Good Boy.
I would also consider living in a place where the trees are covered in green and the rocks and eventually, Pup and I will be green too. This sounds good to me at this moment, for some reason.
Tomorrow the cinema.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The baby Dove

In the park, we found a baby Dove. It was on the ground, at the foot of a huge tree. Around the other side of the tree were some adult Doves.
I walked over to the little thing, it ran away.
It was too small to fly.
I felt terrible for frightening it but hoped it would run to where the adults were. But no, it just ran around the tree. Oh to have been able to fly up into the branches of the tree and return the little thing to its nest.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Feria

After a long lazy morning, we decided to take Pup to the park and see what was going on at the Recoleta Feria. Did they have any new keychains for my husband ?

Was anything new available for someone looking for a small gift ?It was not quite so miserably hot and there was a nice wind blowing. Pup would enjoy some fresh air too.

There were no keychains but Pup made a few people laugh and one lady was so sweet, so loving in her talking baby talk to him, all in Castellano, which I swear he understands and just winning his and my heart by her kind and gentle manner.

I am telling you, every single day there is a person here who will do or say something so sweet, so kind and often funny, that I fall in love all over again with the people here.

I might grumble about the weather and I might get tired of the noise and missing my family, but there is never anything bad that I can say about the people here.

We wandered on through and over to L'Occitane where we picked up some soap and since it happens to be right across the street from Volta, we picked up a kilo of ice cream.

Banana Volta and Chocolate Suisse.

Your imagination will barely give you an idea of how tasty it is. You have to come here to find out the true meaning of Delicious Ice Cream.

Then we wandered on home .. a bit too warm and ready for a (pup) nap and a book.
Tonight, after dark, another walk .. when the wind is cool and everyone is in the cafes and parks, laughing and drinking and the kids and dogs are there too.. we walk the neighborhood and catch glimpses in windows of homes that are still so foreign and so interesting to me.
And I think of my family back in the US, where they are cold and waiting patiently for summer or waiting for someone to dig them out of the snow ! and how I wish they were here ... warm and toasty and staying up late and sleeping late and being temporary Argentines for a short while.
Tomorrow ... no idea as of yet ...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We saw True Grit today.
Tomorrow we will see the Black Swan
There is nothing like going to a movie on a hot summer day.
You end up cold in the overly air-conditioned theatre, you are happy that you remembered this time to bring that little summer sweater.
The seats are comfy, the theatre is usually empty and it is always quiet.
No one chats during movies, there is no popcorn or drinking, it is just serious movie watching.
I and my husband have this in common, we grew up being big movie buffs.
When I was a tiny child, my (very young) mother took me to the movies with her sisters and when I was older we used to go to drive-ins.. this was in North Carolina.
My husband lived in NYC and there were huge wonderful movie theatres for him to spend hours in.
When we had our children, we found drive in theatres and took our own little ones. It was sad when they tore them all down and now everyone goes to sit in a big theatre with everyone else and babies can't come in.
My son slept through some good movies !
As long as it is too hot to enjoy being outdoors, we will continue to enjoy going to the cinema.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have been daydreaming about a new home. A new place and or just a new space. I like to change rooms around, I like to change homes around sometimes too.
And the World of Design Blogs allows a person to indulge their secret or not so secret desires to live in a variety of places..
Moon to Moon has me considering A-frame homes

And Little Green Notebook makes me want to find a house that I can put wallpaper in the kitchen
La Brocanteuse makes me think I might like to live near the sea, maybe not South Africa, but near the sea would be nice. Fabulously French makes me consider a room with high ceilings and space for a tapestry..which makes me think France might be nice And For the Love A House makes me want to buy an antique home in New England I have a lot of DayDreaming to do ! How about you, do you like to daydream about living in other lands? new homes? old homes?
My thanks to these blog ladies whose images I used.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Around the Neighborhood

It is very warm out.
Some would even call it hot.
That would be me. Pup would call it that too, if he spoke.
But the slow walk, drinking an entire bowl of water upon returning home and lying down for a nap after all that exercise, speaks volumes !
All we did was walk a block to the park and back again. We fed the pigeons too. Now Pup has discovered that he likes dried up scone crumbs and I have to yell at him to let the birds have it ! Silly Pup.

These trees are now home to hummingbirds and bees. The ground is littered with huge pink lilies.
We live in a French style building. These are some others that catch my fancy also.
I think I will now follow someone's example and go take a nap.

Friday, February 11, 2011


It was a beautiful day today.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Which would you choose?

CNBC has a list of cities all over the world, that are The Best Places to Retire or just to live well on less. Here are my three favorites. Which one is yours?
Le Marche , Italy
Vineyards, mountains , beaches, close to Venice.
Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Close to Provence, overlooking the sea, a weekend trip to Paris
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Commonly referred to as the Paris of South America, Tango, Affordable.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rooms with a View

In the past, I never truly appreciated having rooms with a view. I loved the view, but never thought how special it was or that I would miss having one someday. It takes the loss of something or at least the absence of something, before you realize how important it was in your daily life.
It hovers there, just out of reach .. that sight you grew so used to that you stopped seeing it. You took it for granted. But then it was gone! You had other things to look at, to think about and to take your attention ... but then, you started thinking, something is missing. What can it be ? I have everything I need or want around me, my loved ones are close, or at least I know where they are and I can talk to them, see them .. what is missing?
My view, where is my view ?

I have been thinking about living in a house again. A house with a garden. I wonder how big a garden I want or need. Or do I just want the views?
Browsing through amazing blogs, I am lost in homes around the world and in their gardens.
My two favorites are homes with views like those above, or this home with the far reaching views and stone walls and green as far as you can see.. and all that sky ....

We are happy where we are, we are together in rooms that we made perfect for us. But the views out of the windows are not the views I am longing for .. I imagine there will be a day when we start to look for a new place to make perfect for us, with windows that offer views that will soothe us and bring pleasure .. but for now, we will be content with the views we have here.

di overton home in the UK/design sponge
Images : 1st option locations

Paolo Szot

When we go back to New York City for a visit, I am going to make a point of seeing something on Broadway, at the Carlyle or Lincoln Center , with this man singing.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Design Magazines

I have discovered the world of online Design Magazines. Well, I discovered them sometime ago when I was no longer able to receive or buy my favorites in English. Before that, I used to subscribe to Real Simple, House Beautiful etc. But now, I rely on the internet and greatest of all, the Design bloggers!
I spend more time looking at their blogs than I do working on my own. Which might just be the best thing.
Do you enjoy looking at your magazines online ?

Design Sponge is the culprit ! I don't remember how I found it but that is where you will find me, especially when dinner should be cooking or someone is waiting for me to get dressed so we can go out. I mean really, can you blame me ? How would I be able to talk The Husband into a velvet sofa in a cinnamon color if not for ... online design blogs? I rest my case.

Do you enjoy the standard magazines online or do you go for the more arty online styles?
I would find it hard to decide between most of them. Each brings something new to me.
Of course, the classics like Architectural Digest are always a good browse.

Which design magazine is your favorite ?
There are the online design blogs that I can't read because they are Danish or French or something other than English or Spanish .. do I care ? nooooo, I can still look at pictures !
.So tell me, which ones are your favorites ? Why ? Do you have one to recommend? It can't hurt to add to my list ..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

White Horses

When it gets too warm here, I will look at this photo. How beautiful are they ? !


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thinking of you

Stay Safe, wherever you are .