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Monday, February 7, 2011

Rooms with a View

In the past, I never truly appreciated having rooms with a view. I loved the view, but never thought how special it was or that I would miss having one someday. It takes the loss of something or at least the absence of something, before you realize how important it was in your daily life.
It hovers there, just out of reach .. that sight you grew so used to that you stopped seeing it. You took it for granted. But then it was gone! You had other things to look at, to think about and to take your attention ... but then, you started thinking, something is missing. What can it be ? I have everything I need or want around me, my loved ones are close, or at least I know where they are and I can talk to them, see them .. what is missing?
My view, where is my view ?

I have been thinking about living in a house again. A house with a garden. I wonder how big a garden I want or need. Or do I just want the views?
Browsing through amazing blogs, I am lost in homes around the world and in their gardens.
My two favorites are homes with views like those above, or this home with the far reaching views and stone walls and green as far as you can see.. and all that sky ....

We are happy where we are, we are together in rooms that we made perfect for us. But the views out of the windows are not the views I am longing for .. I imagine there will be a day when we start to look for a new place to make perfect for us, with windows that offer views that will soothe us and bring pleasure .. but for now, we will be content with the views we have here.

di overton home in the UK/design sponge
Images : 1st option locations