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We will also share stories and chocolate if you have any.
Naps are also encouraged, if shopping is out of the question.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Feria

After a long lazy morning, we decided to take Pup to the park and see what was going on at the Recoleta Feria. Did they have any new keychains for my husband ?

Was anything new available for someone looking for a small gift ?It was not quite so miserably hot and there was a nice wind blowing. Pup would enjoy some fresh air too.

There were no keychains but Pup made a few people laugh and one lady was so sweet, so loving in her talking baby talk to him, all in Castellano, which I swear he understands and just winning his and my heart by her kind and gentle manner.

I am telling you, every single day there is a person here who will do or say something so sweet, so kind and often funny, that I fall in love all over again with the people here.

I might grumble about the weather and I might get tired of the noise and missing my family, but there is never anything bad that I can say about the people here.

We wandered on through and over to L'Occitane where we picked up some soap and since it happens to be right across the street from Volta, we picked up a kilo of ice cream.

Banana Volta and Chocolate Suisse.

Your imagination will barely give you an idea of how tasty it is. You have to come here to find out the true meaning of Delicious Ice Cream.

Then we wandered on home .. a bit too warm and ready for a (pup) nap and a book.
Tonight, after dark, another walk .. when the wind is cool and everyone is in the cafes and parks, laughing and drinking and the kids and dogs are there too.. we walk the neighborhood and catch glimpses in windows of homes that are still so foreign and so interesting to me.
And I think of my family back in the US, where they are cold and waiting patiently for summer or waiting for someone to dig them out of the snow ! and how I wish they were here ... warm and toasty and staying up late and sleeping late and being temporary Argentines for a short while.
Tomorrow ... no idea as of yet ...