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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We saw True Grit today.
Tomorrow we will see the Black Swan
There is nothing like going to a movie on a hot summer day.
You end up cold in the overly air-conditioned theatre, you are happy that you remembered this time to bring that little summer sweater.
The seats are comfy, the theatre is usually empty and it is always quiet.
No one chats during movies, there is no popcorn or drinking, it is just serious movie watching.
I and my husband have this in common, we grew up being big movie buffs.
When I was a tiny child, my (very young) mother took me to the movies with her sisters and when I was older we used to go to drive-ins.. this was in North Carolina.
My husband lived in NYC and there were huge wonderful movie theatres for him to spend hours in.
When we had our children, we found drive in theatres and took our own little ones. It was sad when they tore them all down and now everyone goes to sit in a big theatre with everyone else and babies can't come in.
My son slept through some good movies !
As long as it is too hot to enjoy being outdoors, we will continue to enjoy going to the cinema.


Sabrina said...

Cinema on a hot day - nothing better - hope you enjoyed the film too... as well as, Black Swan... Stay cool!!!

Anonymous said...

We still have drive in movies in North Carolina! Come back.

Nancy said...

The King's Speech will complete the movie trifecta.

a Broad said...

We saw The Kings Speech last Friday .. We missed the Black Swan today, but will still see it. We are going for the movie quinella !!