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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have been daydreaming about a new home. A new place and or just a new space. I like to change rooms around, I like to change homes around sometimes too.
And the World of Design Blogs allows a person to indulge their secret or not so secret desires to live in a variety of places..
Moon to Moon has me considering A-frame homes

And Little Green Notebook makes me want to find a house that I can put wallpaper in the kitchen
La Brocanteuse makes me think I might like to live near the sea, maybe not South Africa, but near the sea would be nice. Fabulously French makes me consider a room with high ceilings and space for a tapestry..which makes me think France might be nice And For the Love A House makes me want to buy an antique home in New England I have a lot of DayDreaming to do ! How about you, do you like to daydream about living in other lands? new homes? old homes?
My thanks to these blog ladies whose images I used.