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Saturday, November 8, 2014


I have spiders.
Big .. ugly .. brown ... obviously man eating and poisonous spiders.
They don't have to poison me, the sight of them will make my heart stop beating.

So I have had this Spider thing most of my life .. as long as I can remember, I am terrified of spiders.
Luckily for me, I was married to someone who had no qualms about smashing them and getting rid of the bodies. He would sometimes be a comic and make noises like the spider was fighting back or that the spider was begging for mercy. He was funny but he killed the spiders for me.

Now he is gone and the spiders found out.
They are visiting every day.
Tonight.. just a few minutes ago ... I almost put my hand down on one, in the kitchen, on the counter .. where there should have only been white tile, there it was  .. ugly thing. . now a dead thing but do you know how hard it was to kill ????
I sprayed it with Windex.
The damn thing is very shiny and squeaky clean but kept coming !!!
So I drowned it and then I smashed it then I smothered it.

It is now a mummy wrapped in Saran Wrap.

I am saving it for the Exterminator who will not have the excuse of not knowing what kind of spider to aim for.

I want to go live in a bubble. A nice pest free bubble with the kitten.
shuddering .. ugh ... I hate spiders.

I had a photo from google but I can't stand having it here on my blog .. ugh ... ugh ... ugh ..!
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