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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Life in the Country .. what to wear ??

With all the things that happened to my life this past year, I have had a very lax way of thinking about what to wear and how I look.
Of course, I still wash my hair and wear makeup and perfume and dress nicely ( better than the average around here, due to the lack of country clothes and overabundance of city clothes) ..
I do wear skinny jeans and Chanel quilted work boots ... funky but nice.

But I don't and as my husband had told me once, I will never blend in.
Funnily, I blended in pretty well in Buenos Aires. As long as I did not speak.
I had people coming up to me all the time, in Spanish or English, asking me for directions.
I was so flattered, half the time I wanted to walk them to their destination, I was so happy to be taken for a Porteño ..

Now I look like a Weekender. . . or a foreigner ... someone who obviously did not grow up here..
Apparently someone who still does not know her way around and has no idea what to wear .
My dressed down is generally the dressed up for this area.

I don't see people in the street like you do in the city, so I have no idea what to wear some days.
The lady next door goes out in a blizzard with a sweater on so I can't go by her.
All the men I see around here are hearty and wear things like lumberjacks wear or outdoor workers.

All this leads to the fact that I have to 1- move somewhere that I will blend in  2- buy some new country clothes..
Personally I like option number 1 but I think 2 might be the one I will have to take.
Although. I am keeping my mind open .. if there was the right offer, the right place to go to .. I am willing.

So I look at online websites where people in the street are featured or magazines that have people in the countryside ... what are they wearing ?

It is like having homework but no one will grade it.
Got to get back to studying.

Don't feel sorry for me though, this is the kind of study that I excel at . And I do want to blend in .. sort of.