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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shopping or Something

Have I mentioned that my daughter is Wonderful ? Priceless ? A girl any mother would be proud of ...

For my birthday , coming soon ...
She is going to fly up here to stay with me .. we will go Shopping, Lunching, Shopping, Sightseeing, Shopping and Eating out maybe .. since I never do that now that I am alone.
(coffee shops don't count)

I just went on Sephora and had a grand old time online shopping but while that is ok... there is nothing like wandering for hours through a huge mall and getting ideas.

Pottery Barn ... I get such good ideas from the way they set up their  room displays... I might have to get a new blanket or something ..

Williams Sonoma ... I might need a new cup or bowl or something ..

DSW .... I know I will need a shoe or two ..

Those Discount beauty places where I can wander through shelves and shelves of Shampoo and Conditioners ! ...

J Crew ... a tee shirt or sweater or something ....

The Gap ... I know I need a pair of jeans that fit or something ...

So many stores, so little time ..
I hope she feels like shopping .. or something .

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