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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Traditional Home

Traditional Home Magazine has joined with Lonny .. so I can immerse myself in both of my favorite magazines English !! And enjoy articles and everything that I used to enjoy, "back home".
I have chosen a few things that might work here, in my new home.
Let me know if you like them.I need this sofa. The color and fabric are perfect. Nothing else, just the Blue Velvet Sofa.
I like yellow, my walls are pale yellow. Although I won't go totally bananas ( yellow), I want the chairs and the mirrors on the wall. Don't you love those mirrors ?!
I want Swan wallpaper on my bedroom walls.
That is all for now. I can only do so much magazine shopping at one time before my brain starts to melt ..
Give yourself a treat and go to Lonny Online with Traditional Home ..