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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to the Country

Having just found out, accidentally, about The Fabulous Beekman Boys, I am , once again, as I sit here listening to the sound of the sirens, of the ambulances stuck in traffic , longing to live in the Country.
Back in the country where we were born .
Unless I wake up speaking French due to that tiny bump on the head I got when looking under the bed this morning ... if that happens ... I am moving to Paris or maybe the French countryside. Mon dieu !!
I feel that it is important that I also find a house similar to the home of the Beekman Boys. Perhaps not so large, but with character.
High ceilings that will accommodate our collection of chandeliers, claw- foot bathtubs and fireplaces everywhere would be nice.
Views and no neighbors making any sort of noise is very important.
I will garden and become that old woman up on the hill with all the dogs and cats.
And maybe even a chicken or two.
Of course, all of this is after we have gotten our fill of driving around again ( we have not driven a car in 4 years now) and exploring the area and doing all the antiquing and flea marketing and concerts in summer and apple picking in fall... not to mention hosting wonderful family get-togethers in winter over the holidays.
Why, I might become that wonderful grandmother out in the country that children love to spend time with !
Yes, this is a good goal. Pup would be beside himself with his own cat and maybe a chicken to harass now and then.
Next I have to think of a good name for the house..


Dumbwit Tellher said...

And I wish to be your next door neighbor, an acre or two away just to give you due privacy. Are these 2 gents just so dashing? What a grand life, I'm severely jealous. I think more and more the country life would be quite grand; especially in Paris or Italy, no?

We gals can dream, can't we?!
xx Deb

a Broad said...

Oh honey, I can see me now ! Riding my bike into the village ( France maybe) to pick up some bread and cheese, having a gossip in the cafe with a neighbor .. never mind I cannot keep up a real conversation in French. Or Italian ..
I am sorry I cannot watch that show here, it looks like it would be very entertaining !
un beso ~

Cat said...

I am totally with you…I long for the sweet, easy pace of country life. My sister recently moved to Indiana and enjoys a few acres, chickens (fresh eggs daily!), and wide open spaces :) (I am jealous for sure!)