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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fantasies

I have to stay in and rest and let the stitches in my leg heal. This means more time to spend online, browsing through real estate websites and home design blogs.
Some days I imagine I am moving to yet another country and deciding which it will be, a flat in the Marais ? a gite out in the wine region? or perhaps a mews in London ? or better, a cottage in the countryside in England. But then I think I still like where I live, maybe I will just decorate as if I were in a cottage in England or my flat is in Paris.

I have been looking at rooms with color and then rooms with soft muted palettes. I tend to lean towards the soft light colors but then I see cupboards or walls in darker stronger colors and I love them too. I am not a fan of wallpaper. Until I saw this. A perfect small room, half bath sized , wall covering.
My husband said that he wished we had different lights in the living room. All of the lights in our home are antique, purchased in antique shops, flea markets and each one is special.
But he thought modern lighting would have looked good too. I am torn about that , a modern home with antique furniture / a home in an historic building with modern furniture/fixtures.. I like the mix but then I like to keep it all the same. I think I am not being adler trad home
I do know that I would like to toss our our still new sofa and buy a bed and make it our new sofa. Some day there will be a new home to furnish and I promise, I am going to do this ..