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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What is Chic ?

To paraphrase ...

What is Chic?
Chic refuses to bow down and worship fashion ..
What is Chic may be fashionable, but what is fashionable cannot be Chic.
Anyone can Wear and Do what is Fashionable .. it isn't fashionable unless a lot of people are wearing it or doing it.. and then ... it becomes Common.
Chic cannot be Common.
You cannot copy it, you cannot put it together...
If you are told that This or That is not Fashionable, and you are able to reply, "No, but it is Chic ", you have won the day.
Fashion is constantly trying to catch Chic, but Chic won't be caught.
The Bloated Blind Monarchy of Fashion is tottering ... Chic is the revolution.

The New York Times
October , 1877

I just stumbled upon this and found it to be just fantastic !
I had no idea at first how old it was , I have no idea who actually wrote it.
But after years of living in and around the world of Fashion, having been exposed to to all sorts of Fashion and now being able to browse blogs where chic and fashion are interchangeable ... this just hit the spot !
Chic is not for everyone, I think. But that is OK too.. for now .. who knows, there may come another Revolution !