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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dreaming - Italy

My very good friend back in the US, is going to Italy for her birthday. She is going to Rome and hopes to see Venice. I always wanted to see Florence the most and of course, Venice. After all, Venice has this air about it that makes you wonder, will it always be here ? I feel I must see it before it goes. I bet people thought the same thing in the 1800's !

I used to celebrate my birthdays and anniversaries in Paris or London. Paris is the best place Ever to celebrate a birthday. The entire city is one big birthday present. Every thing you eat is special, whatever you buy is special and you can walk around just oohing and aahhing over the beauty of Everything all day and night. So now my friend will do this in Italy.
Which has only served to give me the need to see Italy too .. we just had our anniversary, do I need to wait until my birthday in March ? Hmmm... this requires some thought, some planning ... and lots of dreaming...