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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Best laid plans

It was hot and humid today.
I was not happy. I had all of these Plans !
It dampened all my enthusiasm to go to Palermo and hang out, cafe sitting, Margarita drinking, window licking, perhaps even some shopping !
All I wanted to do was to hide here with the air conditioning.
So in that case, it was a good day. I stayed home ( after a small sojourn to the park with Pup) and dallied on the computer, fiddled with my recipe books, messed about in the kitchen and basically, became a lump of contentment. Pup too.
We are waiting for the pizza to be delivered and then we will take Pup and go for a walk, in the dark , for ice cream.
Tomorrow is a holiday .. hmmm, are the shops open?