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Friday, November 19, 2010

Summer clothes

We went to the movies today. Harry Potter. Excellent.
The cinema is in a very nice posh mall called Patio Bullrich. I love Patio Bullrich.
It is summer now. It is very warm and today was humid, felt like an August day back in the US.
I had a lot of trouble deciding What to Wear. This has been happening to me a lot lately. I never know what to wear.
And if I think of something, I don't have it. I have to go find it.
Which leads to the problem of where is the store I need and why don't they have it ?
My shopping here tends to be to go to all the stores and just be open to buying whatever looks good and fits, regardless of if I need it or will have any occasion to wear it.
I wore my new shoes today. They were pretty comfortable. It was just the rest of the clothes that were a problem.
I need more summer clothes. New ones.
I need clothes to wear to shop for clothes. And more shoes would be nice too.

to be continued