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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thoughts On a Rainy Day

On a Rainy day, ones thoughts turn to Other places. Or at least, mine do. 
I am not happy sitting indoors all day, waiting for the rain to stop. 
If I were somewhere else, I might get into a car, even if it were raining. 
But here, it is a taxi or walk. So I stayed home. 
If I were able to choose, somewhere else to be today, my thoughts turned to places I have seen lately that start my imagination going .. It might be time for me to learn a new language.. or even get back to the one I know best. If I still remember it.
Cinque Terre is awfully appealing, isn't it?
Florence does call to me .. 
But I can see myself sitting in the Place des Vosges, listening to that Opera singer who used to practice in front of the open window
I have always wanted to drive from Paris to the South and see the wild horses.
But then, sometimes , I just want to go Home.
Jason Hawks