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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Memories from the Sick Mad Housewife

This is the lake in Central Park , in New York City.
When I met my husband , we went to Central Park all the time. We met in the fall, so imagine those trees full of autumn color and then all those leaves drifting down. Then winter came and my first winter in New York, a snow storm hit. A big one. There was also a taxi strike. We went with my husbands friend, who worked with musicians, to a Neil Young concert at Carnegie Hall..We walked across the park.
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I got bored and we ended up going to sit in the Sound Truck with my husbands friend. When it was time to go home  there were no taxis but a lot of snow. Across the street, at a light, sat a limousine.  My husband asked him for a ride and so we were carried home in a lovely warm limo, instead of trudging through a snow  storm, late at night, in NYC.
When my babies were big enough to play in a big park, we took them to Central Park. We watched the children and adults, sailing their boats on the boat lake. 
My children climbed Alice and her friends, the statue in the park.
And today as I sit here, waiting to get over whatever this illness is ( South American flu bugs bite hard), I am remembering the day we walked in the park after a snow storm, there were no people around and the lake was frozen. And we walked across it. Now I look back and think to myself, how utterly insane were you and how crazy is that man you married !??
photo Steves digicam
I now live a block and a half from miles and miles of vast green parks. I am in a park every day , except today, cough cough .. And while we no longer have babies to take to the Park , to the Park Zoo, we do have a Pup who needs Park time, at least 3-4 times a day. Looking back, Parks had a big influence on our lives, where we lived, where we spent time, where our children were able to play as they grew up .. 
Life is indeed, a Walk in the Park.

Now I am going back to bed 
( I hope you liked the music, I have never heard of him but the music and the scenery grabbed my attention )