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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A Blogger that I admire so very much, has had rooms painted and chosen wisely. I envy her .. not that she did it so much as that she chose wisely.
I pick colors often, we are always moving, renovating, changing our minds, and along with all that comes the need to chose a new paint color ... and I always seem to pick something that just doesn't look the way it should, it doesn't look anything like the little miniscule scrap of paper with the color sample on it, it looks darker, lighter, different, disappointing.
So now we have the painter coming on Monday to sand all his messy lumpy plastering that he did this past Monday and then he will paint the entire room ( really only the top half .. the rest is white tile and a mirror) and it has been decided that the color will be a semi-gloss white. Just plain white.
Now I worry ... what if he ( the man who may be color blind for all I know) choses a dingy grey-ish white.. or beige!! What if he says to himself, Mariano, this looks warmer than the white the Señora chose, I will get this one, it is not so White white.
And I will realize that night , when things are drying and no one is around to change it, that it is the Wrong color.
Who knew white would be so difficult?
There will be photos of my new bathroom when it is finished. You will know then if I made a mistake. Then we can all have a drink and decide how to fix things.. my next idea is black and white toile for the bathroom window shade. That will make any bad white paint job look better, no?

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