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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Woman of the World .... Musically Speaking

I have traveled far and wide, although not as far or as wide as my husband and son. But I am living in another country, on another continent .. that should count !
I speak another language, read papers and magazines in other languages and eat "foreign" food all the time. Even if it is not "spanish" food, it is Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc.

I wear clothes that are made in Other places.. none of that Made in the USA anymore. Sometimes I miss that but then I do have a nice new outfit that was Made in France. 
My shoes are made in Argentina.. fine soft leather .. nice.

I am still adjusting after 3 years, I feel the adjustment might go on for quite a while.
Sometimes it just takes a while for a person to do things the way they do them here, rather than the way They do it Back Home.

But then there is the Music.
I love the music here. They love music here. Every taxi you ride in... the radio is set on a different great music station. .. or a CD that we beg to know the name of so we can buy one too.

Tango dancers obviously drive taxis... that explains it ! Wonderful stirring Tango music ... we learned early on to know how to ask them to Turn Up the Volume !
And then there will be French music sometimes .. and never forget, Rock and Roll. 

The Oldies stations ! I like those ... I must be an oldie... I know the words, I sing along... one hot summer day, stuck in ridiculous traffic in a taxi with no air conditioning.. the driver had on the Linda Ronstadt album, Canciones de mi Padre ... he and Linda and I sang along together .. cool ~

We have no radio . We keep forgetting to buy one.
We have a stereo and a gazillion CDs but no radio.
Classical music and Neo Tango is played mostly these days .. and a bit of Roy Orbison .
So I sit here listening to World Music on the computer, while I read my emails and blather on, here on my Blog.
What am I listening to right now ?
Bollywood .. yep... Bollywood music. I am doing a belly dance in my chair as I type.
I am inspired to have a party with Indian food and music.. 
What is your favorite music ?
Do you listen to it all day? only in the car?
Do you dance to it when all alone and no one will laugh .. Pup thinks I am wonderful no matter what I do but he seems to like music and does get happy when he sees me dancing around the house .. he dances right along with me.

Time to go .. the rain has stopped .. we have to run errands.. humming a tune all the while ~