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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer ... What to wear ?? What to do ... and so on and so forth

Summer clothes, I can't wait ! It seems as though I have been wearing the same trousers and jeans and boots with the same sweaters and jackets forever ! The seasons here are long.. 12 months seem to hold about 9 months of winter, one of Spring and one of Fall and the endless  Summer could be shorter. If humidity and mosquitoes are involved, I don't want to have anything to do with it ... 
I won't be wearing super short skirts or short shorts but I do intend to enjoy cool summer trousers and skirts and dresses. I love the style, soft, draped and sexy without showing a lot of   skin and being too tight. And those shoes do call my name .. shhh ... hear them? Yep, that is my name they are calling!
There will be no bare belly showing but I do love this skirt. I doubt the shoes will work here.. not in a city full of streets with cobblestones.. not to mention a broken sidewalk here and there .. crutches would not go well with my plans for the summer.
Ashok Pai .. a creative media director .. how great is that hair cut ? and that jacket? I don't see a lot of that here. But I admire him for looking like that.
I like these skirts, the style and length .. with flat sandals.. I will take a few, thank you very much.
Doesn't this make you stop and think ?
Hey! It's your turn to wash the bull !!
This goes under What to Do more than What to Wear .. but we can go to La Rural and see the shows that they have with cattle and horses etc. 
These are the mounted police and their horses, the ones Pup loves so much.
Which brings me to this topic... we are thinking about getting bicycles. I have these visions of being flattened by a taxi or bus but then on weekends, the parks are so nice and so big and we have no car .. I would feel bad leaving Pup home alone but it would be fun to take off on a bike and explore .. I will have to buy myself a Biking Outfit too. yeah.

  imagines via the NYTimes and AllPosters. com