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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Otter Nonsense

I want an otter.
A baby otter.
I would give it a bath.
I would let it roll on the carpet to dry off
And I would tuck it into bed at night.
Pup would love to have an otter to play with !
I have to go now, must see about getting an otter.

Thanks to the DailyMailonline/Nick Obank/Barcroft Media


Apple said...

Nice blog!
Thanks for your comment on Little Emma English Home!


Anonymous said...

Please get two while you are at the Otter pickup. You have a friend who also needs her own otter.

Tricia Patricco said...

Somebody give this woman a grandchild already!! ;)

a Broad said...

Tricia .... did you ? give someone a grandchild already?