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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What have I been doing ? Ha !

You know what it is like to hang a picture on a wall, right ?
You pick the spot, make a mark (  a wet finger works) and hammer a nail in.
Well, things are different here. 
Starting with the walls. They are thick. Imagine an old castle .. bricks and plaster and layers of paint and things tend to crumble when you try to stick a sharp object in them. 
I do too but forget about that for a minute.

You have to have a drill. 
First you drill the hole. 
Then you stick the little Thing in it that the screw goes into.. then using the drill, you screw the whole thing into the wall. Then you can hang your picture! 
Who has the energy to hang a houseful of pictures ! mirrors ! paintings !?
So yesterday after some amount of time had gone by since we moved into this house and had not hung one single thing, tools and such  were finally gathered, screws, drill, Things.. this covers all those objects that I have no name for but that you must have in order to do Anything here.

Seeing my paintings, prints, posters etc on the walls, not only made the house look more homey, more lived in, more Mine ....  it also made me Happy.
It was like seeing old friends again. They make me smile.
Everything has a history to it. We bought things on trips to London and in Paris, we found things in auctions or antique shops .. they are all special to us and have traveled all the way here with us, they deserve to be hanging on the walls !
So what if there was a mistake and there is now a large screw sticking out of the wall where the painting did not really look right ? Another trip to the hardware store for spackle and brushes and it will be fine in no time.
No wonder we waited 3 years to hang a picture ! 

So that is where I have been.
Not to mention  walking through parks bursting with Spring color and blooms 
and butterflies and birds .. 
 and sitting in cafes appreciating the sunshine and warmth and making sure a certain Pup did not get too bored in the house.. because believe me, he could care less about what is hanging on the walls. 
Really. I said, Look ! see the pretty picture and he yawned and went back to sleep..

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