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Monday, September 20, 2010

"My Treehouse"

Riding on a ship in the sky
Sailing on the waves of wind.
Only me here at the helm
Pirates all about I do pretend.

Hidden beneath the summer leaves
Exposed by winter’s bareness.
My place of refuge when in doubt
My place of personal awareness.

Autumn’s colors bring beauty to my tree
And to the fields all around.
Paintings splashed across the October skies
Are intensified by the coming winter sounds. 
The birds of summer know inside
It is time to leave their uncovered nests.
The long flight South blackens the sky
With little time to rest.

The first frost comes to cover white
The branches and the boards.
My ship lies helplessly frozen in the cold
My protection is now only thin stick swords. 
When the winter snow falls and blankets my tree
I huddle for warmth within.
I listen to the heavy flakes
As the smaller trees around mine bend.

The meadow flowers begin to reappear
Announcing the coming spring.
New leaves sprout on every limb
The nesting birds begin to sing. 
My ship in the sky will once again sail
As a young boys fantasies come to life.
Adventures that no one else will know
Chasing Pirates through the day and dreams through the night. 

by David Anthony