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Friday, September 24, 2010

IF I had a house somewhere else ...

I don't know if it is because we have sort of run down on the decorating here. We are finishing with the hanging of pictures, paintings, mirrors and the painter is due in 2 weeks to repair and paint the bath.
We are All Settled In.
So I have been looking at Real Estate websites.
Some here in Buenos Aires, some in Europe, some in the United States.
Every time I see a house, I immediately know how I would decorate it.
I like the idea of a house with a few extra rooms. I never know when there maybe a child or someday grandchildren who will want to visit. I should have rooms for them, don't you think?
I have one extra bedroom here, I like to think of having more. The more rooms, the more babies.. or so I like to think.
Pup needs a good yard to sniff around in.
I need a bigger kitchen and my husband and I want a fireplace... and a garden .. and some land between us and whoever lives "next door".
 From various sources and styles, I have combined what I think is a perfect home, part country and part elegant home but always comfortable for people and pups alike.
I love mirrors on walls like this.
We are planning a wall like this in our current bedroom.
This is a perfect kitchen. Large and comfortable, light and beautiful. I will bring the chandelier (which is almost exactly like this)  from my current bedroom for my kitchen-to-be.
I used to dream of houses like this.
Now this seems more appealing.
This might be The One.
Imagine collecting fresh eggs each day for breakfast.
Imagine this is the chicken that lays them !
If I had a bathroom this size, with a tub that size, I might not care if the rest of the house was furnished or not. Well, I would but you know what I mean.
How do you like "my" home so far ?

Images  Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles