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Friday, September 17, 2010

Eating , Praying and Loving

We saw the film Eat , Pray , Love today.
I did not read the book. I do like Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem so those two plus Bali made me think there would not be much I would not like about this movie.
I have to say that I would have enjoyed more scenery and less talk.
I thought that they managed to take a movie with a wonderful actors and incredible locations and make it a silly "chick flick" .. but that might just be me.
I wanted to see so much more of India and Bali .. There are places in Italy so much prettier than the locations they used, which makes no sense to me at all.
But now I want to go to Bali and wear beads and go barefoot and pet an elephant.
 That was in the India part but it is my daydream so I can put elephants in it if I wish.
and I want to go to Italy but Florence. Tuscany. 
So while I am here in Argentina, I will see the films and go home and make big pots of Spaghetti.
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