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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busy busy busy ...

All I can say is Thank God for the Internet and On-line Magazines! Not to mention on-line shopping and emails and photo sharing etc. But for today, we will be happy with the Magazines. 
When I am not busy with decorating this apartment, finding painters, walking Pup and eating out and don't let us forget hanging out in cafes every day, I can count on one of these blogs or online magazines to keep me up on what I should be wearing and how my decorating should be done ... mi gusta ~

rue magazine
Brand new ... 

Lonny Magazine
And then there are all the Bloggers out there who are designers of spaces and then there are the clothing blogs..

The Sartorialist

the streetfashion

Hip Paris .. what are they wearing in Paris ?

Dumwit Tellher .. with a name like that, who cares what is inside ? 

Now I must get back to my studies ... what color to paint the bathroom and maybe the kitchen and which shoes should I buy first  .. clogs or strappy sandals ?