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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Winter dreaming of Summer

Although this is an autumn scene, the trees and stone house are so dreamy and beautiful. I used to want a house in Upstate NY that was like this .. down a country lane, plenty of trees and all that fall color.
This reminds me of where we used to live . Beautiful stately homes, old , huge trees and plenty of space for gardens. I am really missing my little gardens.
I miss being able to hop in the car and drive somewhere for a picnic too. Somehow, just walking down to the park doesn't do it for me anymore.. or at least not in my tired of cold weather way of thinking.
I would settle for a loggia .. this color is wonderful.
But then I see this and know how content I would be to just sit out there with a book and a pitcher of tea and while away the hours. You know butterflies will be coming by for a visit, the sounds you hear are the birds and maybe a little wind chime somewhere nearby.
I hope you enjoyed a bit of winter dreaming with me.

images via  country home, architectural digest, house beautiful

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