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Monday, August 2, 2010

Humor me .. look at the pictures !

It is freezing cold out and we are waiting for ... what else? an electrician. 
One of my kitchen lights has decided to stop working and if it stops, it thinks it has to take the entire apartment along with it. 
How one little light was able to shut down the power in my entire apartment is beyond me but there is a nice man on the way to fix things. He sort of fixed them Friday but now it needs to be securely fixed.. you know, like I won't wake up to no heat, light or hot water... although the hot water and stove are gas so I might be OK .. we can all huddle on the floor in the living room by the window , by the radiator and tell stories like in camp .. yeah.
So what else is there to do when waiting for a worker to fix something, than to look at other homes that have already been fixed. ( I am avoiding the Real Estate sites for a couple of months to give things a chance here) .. so I will use the time that I am stuck in with frigid weather to browse for more design ideas. 
And lucky you, I am dragging you along with me... so stop fussing and just enjoy !
I have a modern kitchen with custom built cherry cabinets and black granite counters and ceramic floors and stainless steel appliances. 
So of course, I want something more rustic now, white walls and cupboards ,   the counter top can stay but I want open shelves and a less formal , more European cozy atmosphere. I have blue and white Toile shades on the window.. at least I like that . The kitchen below would work.. if it can be miniaturized.
or something like this .. open shelves.. a fireplace, which we don't have ..
I have to work on the bedrooms a little . I have French  windows.. and in this room there is the French door. I can do that but maybe lighter fabric on the windows.. 
I like winter here .. a lot. But it seems to be lasting a longer time than usual. So if we got just a little warmer, I would not complain. Otherwise, I will start daydreaming about having a pool like this to dip my feet in on a hot summer day.. IF we were in France.

If we were in Tuscany, it would be something like this .. 
Next I have to start looking at rugs and fabric. I will spare you that .. but don't be surprised if I am back tomorrow with more photos of more homes in faraway places that look good to me. Unless there is no power and then you will be so happy that I am unable to blog about it .. really.

photos via Architectural Digest / me