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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It all started with the blog

I started reading a blog called HiParis ... 
I Need to go to Paris. 
When I told my husband how I want to live there, he started looking at real estate in France.
Do I really want to live in SW France? 
Throwing my bag in the Citroen, Pup hopping in the back seat and toodling down the road to the market for fresh chevre and a baguette?
Of course I do ! although, I don't see me in SW France... I see me in Paris.

I am going to continue to change the decorating in my home here, doing it  as French as I can manage.
My neighbor, when I cannot understand her Spanish, will switch over to French, figuring I might understand that better... it would have been so great if English had been her 3rd or 4th language.. 
It would have been so great if anything had been my 2nd or 3rd language  !
Although there is a possibility that I speak dog.
But we won't get into that now ... 
Our Spanish professora speaks 7 languages.
You can imagine how stupid I feel. Barely managing to remember my English now.

Today after taking the dog to the groomer, we were going to the museum.  
It was freezing cold and windy and all I could think of was getting home and having gallons of hot tea. 
So that was my day.

But while I seem to be doing Nothing lately, a lot of planning and plotting and research is going into the renovation of the new apartment. 
Why wait until your home gets old ? Renovate it right away !
A trip to the paint store just put me in a bad mood.
I actually knew what to say in Español to the man at the counter but another customer heard me and butted in with her translation ! how aggravating.. someone being SO nice and I didn't need it !!
They are too nice here, they get on my nerves.

So we did find out that we are not getting paint there and that Sherwin Williams will be my new best friend. I know there will be many shades of White to choose from, if I can just find that store.... tomorrow.
After we have our neighbor call Immigrations and find out when our appointment is. 
They keep telling us to come back later, it is making me nervous.

So todays daydreams were once again about how to make my slick new kitchen look charming and French ..
This photo from Braebourn Farm makes me Need this right away. 
It is that white kitchen with the black countertops and the storage space for my pottery from Provence. You understand, right? I need it.
I saw this bedding in a Country Living magazine online.. I think in the right room with the right chandelier, it will work
Benchmark kitchens..the dish racks would do it for me
My kitchen is a wall away from my dining room .. I could have that wall removed and ........
I have to quit looking at magazines. I have to go back to shopping for clothes and shoes. 
I need a new handbag anyway. For when we go to Paris. And look for an apartment.. someday.

images via country home & braebourn farm blog
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