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Saturday, August 21, 2010

summer fashions

So I was browsing through Elle Magazine online .. I need to start thinking of what I want for Summer. Today was around 70 degrees and I started out with sweaters and ended up with just a shirt and jeans.. and No Boots ! Yay!! My feet were shocked and kept asking if they shouldn't be wrapped in socks and tucked into the nice dark leather homes that they have been hiding in for months. 
I put them in a pair of ballet flats and wrapped myself in my Babette sweater , a birthday gift right before leaving the United States.. it just always looks good.. and off we went ! I and my newly liberated feet were happy all day, sunshine, light breezes and no boots.. which led me to look in the closet when we got home and say ... What Am I Going To Wear? 
I am sure at one time or another ( or every day if you are like me) you have said this.
So Elle and I sat here and ran through some People On the Street photos.. how were they dressing this summer? I have to say, an awful lot of them should not have gone out looking like that, but what do I know? I am way down here now. So these are some things that I think I would like, would look good, or look like my kinda style.

Not the tank top but those baggy pants might work with a pair of flat sandals for me.
I am always happy in a soft top like this.

Now this actually is me. Not really but that is just the way I dress, sometimes.

I will look fine in that blue top,  
I am always happy in black dresses.     

Not so short but love the jacket
This is me. Really. Well, sorta.

So what do you think? Like it so far ?