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Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's Pretend

We decide that living in a 100 year old French style building with too many leaky pipes has gotten old... that we are interested in living on a different street, in a different sort of building.
We lived in a Loft apartment in Portland , Oregon and just about everything about it .. I loved.
So I am imagining a loft sort of apartment here. White walls, at least to begin with .. maybe some brick somewhere...
a bedroom something like this, maybe not so much brick, more white walls and bigger windows.
And my bed will be much cushier,  more pillows, softer, no hard edges. But lots of light is good. There is always a possibility of a chandelier instead of something modern though .. or hidden lights.
I like those.
I was picturing something more industrial and white, with shiny wood floors, but then I see this,
and I think the beams are good but  maybe instead of a row of beams, some columns.. I like that better. Maybe even big elaborate columns .. like this, Gerard Butlers NYC loft apt , in Architectural Digest
I think in a white loft with huge windows, one needs big soft cushy furniture with lots of pillows and soft edges, don't you? ( no palm trees though)
It would definitely have a big , perhaps huge, kitchen
I like the idea of the bedroom being monochromatic and having a really plush carpet or rugs.
And the bathroom, well, one of them, I want a big oval free  standing tub. One that looks like an egg.
And the shower can be a huge glass walled room big enough for a few people. Or just one who likes the idea of a huge room to shower in.
I think that might do it .. let me know what you prefer and watch me change my mind .. a few dozen times.

images Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Elle Decor