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Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing like some Good Shopping !

Sibyl Vane
This is my favorite, well, one of my favorite shoe stores here in Buenos Aires. Great for little summer ballet flats in leather that seems soft enough for a pair of gloves.

Paula Cahen D'anvers ... I love her name !
I love her stores !

Wacky name , fabulous leather

One of my favorite stores... anywhere.

Patio Bullrich
This is a favorite ( neighborhood ) mall, full of shops like Prune and Cacharel and our cinema.
Alto Palermo, where there are so many stores I still haven't seen them all and restaurants !
Galleries Pacifico
And then there are the shops, on every block, shoes, bags, clothing, boutiques, jewelry, whatever you need, it is in your neighborhood.

Buenos Aires, good shopping.